Prepares individuals to become a State-Certified Nursing Assistant in the care of geriatric patients. Focuses on the role and responsibilities of the geriatric aide in nursing homes. The course will include some basic anatomy and physiology, communication skills, and psychology. Skills such as measurement of vital signs, basic first aid and providing hygiene, nutrition, and rehabilitation of the aging resident will be covered. Additional hours will be spent in the caring for the geriatric nursing home residents while under the supervision of the instructor who will be a registered nurse.

Course Competencies

› Residents of an Adult Care Home
› The Resident's Care Plan
› Role and Responsibilities of CNA
› Observing, Reporting and Documenting
› Communication
› Physical Changes Accompanying Aging
› Infection Prevention and Control
› Sexuality in Aging
› Mobility
› Residents Comfort and Rest
› The Resident's Personal Living Space
› End-of-Life Care
› Resident Safety
› Restoring Nutrition and Elimination
› Personal Care and Grooming
› Maintaining and Restoring Mobility
› Nutrition and Fluids
› Dementia and Problem Behaviors
› Elimination
› Additional Resident Care Procedures
› Vital Signs
› Admission, Transfer and Discharge
› First Aid in the Adult Care Home
› Working as a CNA

Enrollment Checklist

› Government Issued ID
› Social Security Card
› GED, High School Diploma, College Transcripts
› Negative TB skin test within 6 months or chest x-ray within 5 years